Sunday, July 16, 2006

A woman's place, or is it?

Socrates raises an interesting point when he begins relegating tasks. Indeed, it is a point that after two thousand years is still contested. Are women fit for the same jobs as men? It is not a light question, but Socrates handles it with the adroitness of a true sage. After having come to the conclusion that men and women should share in their professions, seeing as how it is inevitable that men and women should sometimes coincide in their natural aptitudes, we must take a closer look to see if this is a characteristic of a utopia. The short answer is yes. Taking the question under consideration, I myself find it impossible to justify allowing one person to participate in a profession, but not allowing another simply because of their sex if they have equal aptitudes for the task in question.

If you find this questionable, ask yourself this: is a black pen less able to write than a blue one? They both have the capacity to make marks on paper; therefore, neither should be excluded from writing simply because of their irrelevant difference. Socrates proves this adequately, though I do agree with the point that because of the physical disparities the heavier things must be left to the stronger people, which are generally the males.


Blogger Danny said...

I really liked your reference to pens. I think that was a perfect example to show that men and women can and do the same work. I think soceity determines alot of he social norms, and these norms dictate how we view which sex should participate in what. I think in the end a lot of the issue is with pride. Being the "stronger" sex, how would the male feel if a women could do physical labor better than him. With all the advancement made by our society I fear it is still a ways from the perfect picture of equality.

6:42 PM  
Blogger phantomdance said...

I also really enjoyed your comparison to the black and blue pens. I think it is an entirely accurate analogy, for men and women are the same through and through, with the exception of body parts and a few more hormones here and there. It is only fair that both of our minds be developed and educated in the same equal way. Just because we may look different does not mean that one of us is better than the other or deserves special privileges.

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