Monday, July 31, 2006

Why is happiness the goal

I think Zayamatin make happiness the goal of One State because it is the one thing that can’t be controlled or enforced, yet they can enforce hard work, excellence, and etc, therefore making happiness the most desirable. In a place like the One State, everything seems to be perfect, and when people are given everything they need; they don’t have to strive to succeed, they also lose the meaning of happiness. For some people, they attain happiness through succeeding above others, but in One State, everyone is equal, you’re not allowed to stand out in the crowd. There also would be no jealousy since everyone is the same, and this also discourages happiness. Everyone has a different definition of happiness... there's no universal equation to this. Some people's happiness can be measured by their success, by material goods, by love, or by just about anything. So Zamayatin makes happiness the goal because some people may think One State is a “utopia”, a perfect world, yet it is a irony that happiness can’t be attained.


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