Monday, July 24, 2006

Where it will go... I don't know.

I have enjoyed the novel so far. I’m a science fiction fan, so this is much easier reading than The Republic or anything I’ve done for other classes. One thing that gets on my nerves though is how Zamyatin ends many of his paragraphs with broken ideas that just trail off. And every fifth or sixth paragraph he goes off on some tangent where I have no idea what he’s talking about, such as the whole introduction to the chapter where he is talking about the irrational root of negative one. D-503 talking about ripping the root out of himself made no sense to me.

One thing I enjoy about this type of novel, however, is being able to look back at what the author thought would be “futuristic” when he wrote the book decades ago. Many times the ideas are ridiculous. In We, many of the ideas presented still do seem futuristic, even eighty-five years later.

A question I had was whether the characters in the book have emotions or not. It seems like they do, but that their emotions are not very strong and not always present. Linked to this is the question of how they sleep without dreaming? Has it just been conditioned out of them? And is that even possible, or would your brain just stop working?

I’m guessing that Zamyatin is taking this book in the same direction that George Orwell later took his novel 1984. My guess is that D-503 will become involved in some underground society against the government. As far as how the book will end, I don’t have any clue yet.


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