Monday, July 24, 2006

What is Zamyatin trying to accomplish?

In We, it seems like there’s no value on individuality. Everyone is named after numbers and letters. This shows that not one person is special and/or significant to society. No one will cry or have condolences for if one dies in One State. It seems so much like a communist country, where society values more on community as a whole than on the individual. I think Zamyatin is trying to convey the situation during the revolution in Russia in which he witnessed and became dissatisfied about in We, but he wrote it in a science fiction genre and exaggerated with the use of character and setting to avoid direct opposition by the government in Russia maybe? I think this novel has a similar purpose to Animal Farm by George Orwell. Since the revolution happened before the 1920s, I think it’s kind of amazing how he can picture the future that early back in the days, before computers and airplanes were invented. The characters seems happy... but are they really happy? That is the only question i have..


Blogger Ash said...

Can we maybe draw a line today between the United States and the One State? When you mention that the focus is not on an individual level, but rather on a community level, I think we can see that that idea may also be applied in our country today. For example, since terrorism has become a major scare, people are willing to give up some of their common liberties in order to protect the society as a whole. And that's what we see is happening with the Patriot Act. Maybe the one state isn't so far from our world today....

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