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This novel is so much more interesting than The Republic. It's a lot easier to understand.

I think that Zamyatin is showing to show that there can be no perfect society. Even if everything seems to be perfect on the surface, when you look a little closer it's the small things that are resisiting perfection. If you look at I-330, she does everything that everyone else does, she attends the same events, acts the same way, but on her own time she was doing things that went against the perfection of the society. Many in the story are looking at this state like it is perfect, but yet there is so much inperfection happening. He is showing that although people may dream and wish for a utopia, an actual utopia can never exist.

It is very interesting that Zamyatin wrote a whole book based on mathematical shapes and formulas. Everything was compared to something dealing with math. Maybe Zamyatin was also trying to teach people how to count and solve problems with this book. There is a lot of numbers to deal with.

The question I have is why is D-503 allowing the aliens to see all of the societies imperfections while he writing the letter to them when he is trying to convince them they have a perfect society and that they should try to be like them? He is basically showing the aliens that their society is not perfect and it clearly proves that a perfect society cannot exist.


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I agree with you that this book is more interesting than The Republic, and easier to read. In my opinion, I think that it's easier to understand than The Republic, but on a different level. There are a lot of things that leaves us in question about what Zamyatin's goals are. We don't exactly know what is the purpose of the use of math and how it is all relative. We don't know what I-330 is trying to accomplish except that she has introduced the idea that the One State doesn't seem to be an example of utopia even though it is supposed to be. I believe the reason why D-503 is allowing the outside world seeing the imperfections of the One State is because he gave his word that he will completely honest about what goes on. So, I think that is why he is writing all of this down when it doesn't seem perfect.

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