Friday, July 21, 2006

We Imagery

There seems to be a color scheme going on with the book. Maybe certain colors are related to a certain idea or emotion. For example, the color pink popped up a few times in different places. On page 19, D-503 talks of being alone with O-90, who is most likely his girlfriend or some type of special lady friend. “She held up to me her pink lips and her pink coupon. I tore off the stub – and could not tear myself away from her pink mouth until the very last second…” And afterwards, as he talked, he described her listening “with such enchanting pink attention.”

There are a few thoughts I have on what the color pink might represent. Pink may be the color he associates with O-90. He has not related pink to any other female in the entries we have read so far. And he has only used his pink coupon for “sexual days” to be with O. But the color pink might also symbolize sexual feelings, since the book of “sexual day” coupons are all pink and the person he uses the coupons to be with is pinky O. So I think his use of pink symbolizes his special lady friend or sexual feelings.


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