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Socrates concept of equal rights for women was truly ahead of its time. The idea he represents shows some very utopian ideas, however the idea of utopia is becoming more and more puzzling as I sit and think about it. It seems that the idea of a perfect utopia cannot exist because, in order to be perfect, it would be different from person to person. However, I think it may be possible for something close to a utopian society to be created if all the people were conditioned to think in the same way but that leads me to debate whether or not that would really be a utopia.

It seems to me that the perfect utopia would provide complete freedom to the individual. If the person wants to become a businessman and climb the social ladder, then the utopian world should have the necessary industry and social structure for that person to pursue his dreams. If someone wants to explore a new continent, a utopian world should be full of lands that no one has ever set foot in before. Should a person want to kill someone, then, in his personal utopia, he should be allowed to do so. This has led me to believe that utopia actually exists today.

It may be pretty far fetched but I think that the universe that we live in is already almost utopian. I use the term Utopia very vaguely here, not as a defined word that describes a specific society, but as an idea that provides freedom to people. What I mean is that my concept of Utopia is a place where anyone can do whatever he or she wants. If you think about our society, we can really do just about anything we want. Those who seek spiritual gratification have a plethora of religions to consider. Someone who wants to explore the unknown, has an infinite universe of stars, science and mathematics to delve into. Even if someone wanted to commit a crime or do nothing at all, they have the freedom to do so.

That was a little off topic and I don't know if any of that was coherent but I had fun thinking about it.


Blogger RyanG said...

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Blogger RyanG said...

I see where you are going with the notion that the soceity we live in is a form of a utopia. How the universe provides for all the needs of the people. But where is the chunck of this utopia for the people who deem the needs of material and economics a necessity. This society that we live in may be close but is grounded within an economic state of mind. One cannot survive for long in this country with out money. And usually anything you try to do that doesn't require money eventually goes against laws. People are not as nice as they once were. You cannot just hope to have people give you the things you want or need.

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Blogger Lamar said...

It seems that so often the idea of a utopia is presented as coinciding with the idea of totalitarianism, and for that reason I find your view of utopia quite refreshing. I agree with your definition of a utopia, but disagree with the ultimate conclusion that our modern society closely resembles that utopia. I think that a true utopia would allow the freedom of choice that you have mentioned, but would not allow for such things as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and so on. This is only my take on the matter, I'm open to anyone's interpretation.

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Blogger Sherry said...

I agree with you when you say that Socrates idea about women was ahead of its time. I was also a little shocked that women were to have a much freedom and equality as he alloqed them to have.

I also agree with you about the word utopia becoming more and more confusing. I thought I knew what a utopia was before I got in this class, now I'm not so sure.

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Blogger Jordan said...

I agree with Lamar... your idea of utopia is incredibly refreshing and definately an inviting idea. Also, I agree with your opinion that Socrates was far ahead of his time in regards to equal rights of women and men: society will benefit from this type of thinking.

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