Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unknowingly in persuit of utopia

Act – Socrates and a group of men are debating what justice is.
Scene – The men meet at Cephalus’ house and begin debating what true justice is.
Agent – Socrates and everyone who is involved in the debate whether they say something or not.
Agency – The men debate through a form of argumentation.
Purpose – To truly understand and define what justice is.

The primary drama of Book I focuses on Thrasymachus and Socrates as they debate on the subject of justice. All of the men at the gathering are in search of the true meaning of justice but the fact that there are many ethical ambiguities that come up complicates the search. Thrasymachus strongly disagrees with Socrates approach to the problem and enters into a heated argument with him. It appears that Thrasymachus is not just in disagreement with Socrates over the subject, but holds a personal grudge against him as well. Thrasymachus’ argument is not a thought out one and despite the fact that he had some valid points, Socrates is able to overpower him with his superior rhetoric. In a sense Thrasymachus is not completely wrong because Justice is not a easily definable topic but Socrates is able to destroy Thrasymachus’ argument through a logical style of analysis.

I believe that the idea of Utopia is present in Book I because these people are trying to find the definition of justice. In a sense, they are pursuing what they believe to be a utopia by perfecting their understanding of the world around them in order to make it better. These ideas that they are debating about are driven by the want to perfect their society into what they deem right. Whether they were actively trying to create a utopia or not is less relevant because the progress they make is ultimately a step towards creating a perfect world. They are improving on their beliefs in order to find the best answer. What is a utopia if not a society where everything is created from the best?


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I really like your opinion that utopia is actually represented in the text. I answered that it was not a present factor, seeing only the small picture- that "fighting" was not a representation of a utopian society. After reading yours, I fully agree with your opinion that truth seeking to better a society is a utopian principle. Very interesting, thanks.

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