Monday, July 24, 2006

True purpose?

As I began reading this book questions started popping into my head. All of which dealt directly with the topics mentioned at the beginning of each entry. If found it hard to understand at times what he is talking about, for instance on page 32 we are introduced to the Bronze Buddha, Taylor, and Lilies of the Valley. We are explained as what each is and the significance, however I still do not understand the purpose of the author writing about the subjects.

I believe Zamyatin is trying to show us how our lives would be if we had too many rules and regulations. These regulations would be a hindrance to our lives and destroy all the creative and spontaneous thoughts. In the first few entries Zamyatin focuses on comparing the old way of life to the present. As the two culture is being compared we see the significant differences in their lifestyle. Perhaps the most important of which is a whole society in which everyone is the same. Everyone does everything at the same time for the same length of time and repeat the process. This is emphasized more by the fact that the people are only referred to by numbers instead of names. I a way I thought of this as seeing life as a number and they group of numbers added together to make a society. I read the summary on the back of the book before starting the book. Zamyatin talks about how D-503 discovers his soul, which is viewed as a disease. This gave me insight into the way the society viewed each persons’ ability to think and act for themselves. On the other hand, for a society to be efficient perhaps the best solution is to be soulless and expunge the ideas of individuality.


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