Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I believe Socrates to be more convincing.
He is able to challenge things that Thrasymachus is saying, which fustrates him. Thrasymachus's emotions are present in his dialogue however some of the things that he says are rude and close minded. Socrates shows feelings in a much different way. Socrates is only wanting Thrasymachus to think about the subject instead of spouting off whatever he thinks sounds nice. Some people dont like this, but I think Socrates only wanted him to think on a deeper level.
In Aristotle's model Socrates uses Ethos- phronesis to argue his point with Thrasymachus. When Thrasymachus says that he believes that the just are strong then Socrates says that a wrestler must be very just because he is so strong. He also uses eunoia. He never loses his temper unlike Thrasymachus and is always nice and polite to him throughout the entire debate.


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I agree, Socrates' character uses Aristotle's style of teaching in persuasion. That is why I am more persuaded to be on his side than Thrasymachus.
It is also because of Thrasymachus' arrogant and contradictive character that keeps him from winning the debate against Socrates. It is only because of Thrasymachus' social status and power that anyone even listens to him.

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