Monday, July 17, 2006

Socrates supported women

Reading the words of Socrates regarding the equity of women and men pleased me, especially when considering the time this book was written. He acknowledged that women should be exposed to the same education as men, and that the different unique characteristics of all women should be appreciated and put into proper use. The overall message he conveyed was that other than physical differences, woman and man were at the same level. Socrates went even further on describing equity of females and males of not just humans, but dogs too. The difference of males and females that was pointed out was the obvious one of physical strength.

As strange as Socrates’ description of the unified city was, it does seem to exhibit characteristics of utopia. That world displayed so much equity among the people in numerous aspects. But that world weirds me out. Even in the midst of all that equality, it doesn’t seem like there is much room for excitement and the kind of happiness and security a family could provide. Also, there was talk about imperfect babies being sent off to an unknown place…that’s just wrong. I think that society creates too much order in the population’s personal lives.


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I agree with you in a lot of ways; reading about Socrates' opinion on equality really pleased me. It was surprising and refreshing. And yes, his idea does exhibit signs of utopia; after all, what kind of world would we live in where men and women are equal in all ways? A utopian one, that's what.

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