Sunday, July 16, 2006

Socrates on Women

So, I honestly have to say that after reading this part in The Republic I was very surprised. I would have probably put money on Socrates being against the idea of women being equal to men, and I would have lost. Apparently, unlike his comrades, Socrates believed in a society where men and women, if both equally qualified, could serve in the same role. Way back in the day, it was a widespread belief that women should care for the home and children while the men ruled, made money, made laws, and made war. Some would argue that we haven't come too far from those beliefs, but really we have. Socrates was probably the first person to recognize shared aptitude across genders. I do feel that this belief somewhat characterizes a Utopian society because there is a belief in equality. For a truly utopian society to exist, I feel that justice (whatever the real meaning is) as well as equality must exist for all members of that society. Socrates points out that if men and women are given the same education and training, they are both equally capable of doing the task at hand, and it is this belief that also coincides with Utopia.


Blogger Ami Herrera said...

I was suprised to that Socrates would want women and men to be taught equally, because it seems that equality for men and women is a recent development in society. I wonder however, if he actually cares about equality or if instead he just wants to make a better society and doesn't actually care about women's rights. Socrates knows that some women can do good for society as well as men but i don't actually think that he believes women are equal to men.

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