Monday, July 17, 2006

Socrates on the Woman's Role in Utopia

A utopian society would represent equality and goodwill towards all members of the society. I believe that Socrates' stand that men and women should be seen as equals was not only brilliant, but a concept far beyond the standards of the time. As Socrates points out in his argument, "if women are to have the same duties as men, they must have the same nurture and education" (p118), an idea which some people, even today, would fail to agree with. Although women may be of a different "nature", how can one expect equality of the sexes when they deny education and upbringing? Socrates employs an example of animals who lack discrimination between the sexes to support his point, an idea that helps win over his audience. Women should be provided with the same opportunities for education as men in order to create equality and a utopian environment for the State.


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Just to take the other side here for a bit. You are the second person I have seen who mentions the animals. That we as humans with ideas, art, and thought are above these "lesser beings". Though I may not fully agree with my comment there is still some truth in these words. So if we are to live like animals do in equality between genders than we need to full accept all that we observe with in the animal kingdom. However no one is of that "lesser" nature. Remember though that I believe in the idea of equality but not from reasoning that stems from this source.

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