Monday, July 17, 2006

Socrates' ideas on women

I really applaud Socrates’ ideas about women and their role in society, though the concepts might be radical at the time in which it was written. Socrates’ thinking shows how early western cultures developed the concept of equality of men and women in their roles in society, where as in the East, the equality of men and women is still a taboo in some cultures today. Socrates believes that the only differences between the two genders are their physical capabilities, such as their fitness, and that “women [are the] child bearing and men begetting children” (p121). However, Socrates believed that if “women are to have the same duties as men, they must have the same nurture and education” (p118). He advocated that women should be given the same education and nurture as men so they can do the things and have the “same pursuits” men have, and be of better contributors to society, which is good for society as a whole. During Socrates’ discussions about the ideas of women, he applied the use of analogy, such as comparing men and women to animals – dogs. Socrates’ ideas about women portray a utopian society because if both women and men are equal in society and are given the same rights, women would not have to fight for their rights in their workplace, roles in the family and government, and in other arenas.


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i was just mulling it over, and asking myself if it really WAS that radical of an idea for women to be equal? maybe it's always been that way in the US, but does the same hold true for ancient greece? I don't really know the statistics or anything, but it kind of seems like in their culture they appreciated the finer things, and maybe they didn't think it was a big deal to treat each other equally. Just a thought....

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