Monday, July 17, 2006

Socrates' City with Women

I wasn’t really surprised by the comments made by Socrates. In many ways I expected their view points of women to be of crude and dominating fashion. Although he advocates that men and women be treated he same way he is still viewing them in a hierarchy. Socrates puts forth that women “is inferior to men” , however a few sentences later he says that “ men and women alike possess qualities which makes a guardian.” (TR, pg. 122) I think is a progressive way of thinking for his time period. In one aspect they know that women are “inferior” to them, but they also are wise enough to say that under special circumstances there is a possibility that some of them may “companions and colleagues of men” ( TR, pg. 123) No matter what light you view their views as in the end it by no means represent a fair image of an utopia. In their society the women are treated as objects, which are “selected” and given to the guardians. (TR, pg. 125) We see this is a gross violation of human rights. Many of us would view this almost as slave trading. Not only does this objectifies women but also says that their society the rules have the right to own women. Socrates also shows views of selective breeding by saying that “the best of either sex should be united as often, and the inferior with the inferior.” ( TR, pg. 127) This again does not fit into my views of a utopia society. This hierarchy he has created puts labels on people by his standard. This classification not only applies to women but also men since they are paired up with another. How can we view their ideas as a model of utopia when the people in their society are not treated as equals?


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