Monday, July 24, 2006

The reading does not seem to bad but there are a lot of terms and names they use that I cannot understand. What does it mean that the lilies of the velley are spies?

A lot of the things are very confusing to me. The people seem like they don't like anything spontaneous or original but still have a society of poets? These poets are state commissioned or something like that but why would this state have poets?

I am not sure exactly what Zamyatin is trying to accomplish. It seems like he is describing a world that places more emphasis on a few select values and completely rejects another. Is he trying to show that a perfect world can only exist if there is censorship and control? Maybe Zamyatin is trying to make a statement about how this society would not work but that seems a little too simple to me. I think he must be trying to say something else if he means to say something at all. I dont know exactly what he is trying to say but I bet it is abstract.

This place is really strange and I dont think I am understanding it completely. I guess it is a utopia or distopia depending on how you look at it but that just depends on what values you set higher. Is stability and progress more important or are individual freedoms more important? Seems a little objective?


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