Monday, July 24, 2006


First off, I just wanna say i was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this novel has turned out to be. In regard to that, the only real question i have is how Zamyatin managed to devise this strange foreign world, but the answer to that is unimportant.

What's important, is what the purpose behind this world's creation is. I believe that We is a commentary on the human species as a whole. More importantly, it's a commentary on what it is that makes us human, and sets us apart from plants and animals. One thing that a reader will quickly discover while perusing this book, is the fact that most of the narrator's thought, and perhaps even societies thoughts, are directed at the past, more specifically, about justifying their current state of living with respect to our current time.

Zamyatin is using the enormous disparity between our modern societies and the society of We to show us a little something about ourselves. Even walking down the street to get from place to place is something that the people of We have no control over, and is completely ordered and restricted. In contrast, many people in our time love hiking, cycling, going for random walks, and even hopping random flights to far away places just for the sake of it.

Taking a look at this book with respect to our society in the United States, the focus is really on the freedom that we hold precious, versus the totalitarianism they find more perfect.


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