Friday, July 21, 2006

Present Imagery

Imagery is an ever-present concept represented in We. "...Cranks flashing, swinging left and right; the balance beam proudly swaying its shoulders; the bit of the slotting machine dancing up and down in time to unheard music; I saw the whole beauty of this grandiose mechanical ballet, flooded with pale blue sunlight..."

This use of personification of inanimate objects adds to the imagery of this novel. The manner in which the author incorporates sensual words enhances the depth of the story. It enables the reader to feel as if they are physically witnessing the actions, becoming a character in the story themselves. The quote where the balance beam is "proudly swaying its shoulders" uses an adverb, proudly, to create a more realisticly personified action. The concept of a glass-world is ever present in the in the context of the text. It seems as if the people are constantly on display for others to observe, like fish in a glass bowl. As the story progresses we will see the purpose of imagery as it exists in the context of the novel.


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