Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Zamyatin uses D-503 to express his true intent in We. D-503 has some preoccupations, with perfection, math, accuracy, that give the intended audience a hint onto what Zamyatin is trying to accomplish. His obsession with math and numbers and precision lead one to believe that he is boring at first and secure in his place. However, this is soon diminished the moment we the intended audience discover how emotional he is. He then falls in love with I-330, causing a whirlwind of emotion. As soon as his heart strings are pulled, his obsession with numbers diminshes, and he begins to accept that there is more to life that his one-state world. To me, D-503's mind is an indication of how the society will corrupt. Af first, everything appears to be working fine. The obsession with precision is apparent and continues on for awhile (which is maddening enough!). Then the descent into real madness begins with his newfound feelings for I-330 and he abandons his original preoccupations and takes on a new sight. Their society might start out okay in the beginning, but it is spiraling out of control because it is unnatural. The descent had begun.


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