Sunday, July 23, 2006's late

Here's my blog about the analysis of Zamyatin's use of imagery thus far in We.'s late.
In a nutshell...he uses it ALL the time! I loved his description of his feeling in the first entry when he began work on the book:
"I write this and my cheeks are burning. This must be similar to what a woman feels when she first senses within herself the pulse of a new, still tiny, still blind little human being....And for many months it will be necessary to nourish it with my own life, my own blood, then tear it painfully from myself and lay it at the feet of the One State" (p.2).
This comparison between writing a book and pregnancy is very vivid, as are many of his other descriptions throughout the text. But this one especially caught my eye and made me think about it because I never would have thought to draw that line. And although it occurs in the text before all of the important stuff picks up, this excerpt is still significant because it shows his dedication to writing this book. He commits himself to completing it so that he can better the world and so that people in the future can copy the concept of the One State.
Maybe it isn't the most significant part of the book, but it definitely caught my eye as being a unique analogy, so I just thought I would blog about it. That is all.


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