Wednesday, July 26, 2006

naivety, thy name/number is D-503

D-503 lives in a self-fabricated fantasy world. Well, perhaps not self-fabricated, but certainly naive, whatever the source.

we're given a close look into the mental processes of D, and one of the most obvious things that one can notice, is the fact that he spends a great deal of time thinking about "the Ancients", and commenting on how perfect, and mathematical everything in the One State is. Indeed, to D, it seems that only those things that are perfectly, mathematically, calculatingly ordered have any component of beauty at all, and any kind of discongruity is the ultimate evil.

This is ironic, because he cannot ignore that even in mathematics, which is his profession, there are instances of the impossible, of the imaginary, and of the inconceivable. This is a commentary on how even those things that we consider most perfect have their own inadequacies, which in a deeper sense, is a commentary on the folly of totalitarianism.

also, there is the very fact that what his writing is sometimes spontaneous, and incalculable (facts which he admits to), even though he says he much prefers the kind of "expression" (art, music, etc.) which any computer could produce easily.

These things, coupled with the fact that he is obviously in love with I-330, even though many things about her don't coincide with his supposed ideal, are Zamyatin's way of showing us how utterly absurd D's views are, and therefore, how absurd, the idea of totalitarian control is.


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