Monday, July 24, 2006

Just a Little Confusion

First, I was wondering who D-503 is refering to when he says "Yes, this Taylor was unquestionably the greatest genius of the ancients" (Zamyatin 33). He references Kant, which is obviously Immanuel Kant, but who is this Taylor character? Second, I was curious what exactly happens in the Ninth Entry, in which there is a sacrificial ceremony. I was confused as to who dies, and the significance of R-13's demeanor. After speaking, "R-13 sank into his seat, pale, looking at no one (I would not have expected him to be so shy)" (Zamyatin 47), and I am curious what this means.

So far I think Zamyatin is trying to break down D-503's perception of himself and society in order to restore in him some essence of humanity and freedom. However, because such characteristics run contrary to the order of the One State, I believe D-503 will eventually be killed as a result. Perhaps he shall serve as a martyr, maybe not for the others of the One State, but for us. By that, I mean, D-503 may die in hopes that those who read his book do not make the same mistake creating a society like the One State. Up to this point in the novel, however, it is too hard to tell exactly what Zamyatin is preparing the reader for.


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