Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The just and the unjust

To be just or not to be just that is the only part of the debate. From today’s readings the seemingly never ending question of how one man is justice and one man is injustice. The questions of if you have money, are strong, if you have power, responsibility, and the list goes on just like the song. I really enjoyed the topic of the arts. A whole discussion showing that money and honor are at the beginning, the end, and mostly the heart of everything. That there is no difference between the builders than there is from the senators. Everyman craves money to live and honor to go by. And how they proved that a man is just by more than his meaning because there is no difference between the unjust and the just at the heart of all things. And at the end with the conclusion of this debate with the fact that within all evil men there is still bits that hold on to the desire to be just. A couple of Greeks are saying that regardless of the evil that men do there is still parts of them that want more. These few Greeks believe in something that even people to this day still do not. The one question that I have to this though, is that how is it that a just man desires some of the things that an unjust man has. They agree that a just man is happy, we know this to not always hold true. Therefore, there must lay a middle ground between; right? If not, then why is it that certain individuals look at the other and think that maybe it is better on the other side of the fence?


Blogger Wei Wei Wu said...

It's greed that drives us to keep wanting more and more.. it's just party of human nature. When a man earns a penny, he wants to earn a dollar, then a hundred dollar, eventually he wants to become a millionaire.. it's non-stop I think. And I think the person who is just may be happy, but since he hasn't tried living the life of the unjust, with money and power, he may be curious and want to try and the same goes for the unjust.

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