Friday, July 21, 2006

Is this book supposed to be like a Brave New World kind of book? I think it is very interesting that he chose to have everything made out of glass. First of all it is clear so people do not have any privacy and also it goes along pretty well with the idea of a very precise world. When I think of glass I tend to think of broken glass so I kinda get this feeling that something bad is going to happen. I feel as though glass is fragile so I imagine there will be some breaking of glass. Also I have trouble imagining the glass as completely clear but rather a little murky so that it distorts the light. This drives me to think that something is going on that is unclear or maybe something will end up being compeltely different from what is expected.

I think the glass will be very important throughout the rest of the book so I chose it. I am not too sure what it will mean but i doubt it will be good. On a side note, i think this place sucks. I would hate living there. Everything feels so cold and mechanical. Always being watched and completely open. Everything seems predictable and controlled.


Blogger Nikhil said...

After reading like 5 pages of the book, I also got the impression that it was going to be like Brave New World, or 1984-- they all start in what seem to be utopian societies, until their internal flaws are revealed later on in the story-- I think the same thing is going to happen in this book-- thankfully, Brave New World is one of my favorite books, so this should be a good read-

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