Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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To me what Zamyatin is trying to do is create this world that his main character is living. This world is loved by his character, D 503. This world may not be the one that the reader lives in but it is a world that houses things that the reader can associate with. He is appealing to the reader’s love of things in their own world. He then gives D 503 something that he truly loves; in this case it would be mathematics. To me these two things represent the world and the things within this world that a person loves. In order to make this story work he needed to make D 503 seem as though he was an average person. This is why the ship The Integral exists, as does his love for math. They are things within the individuals’ life that makes him happy. Any person can associate them self with this because we all have something in life that we love and care for. Most of the story seems to be an exaggeration. Zamyatin pushes this idea of a utopia where everyone is happy. D 503 represents a person living in this society and how he finds his happiness. The general idea of a utopia is that a person will have what makes them happy. D 503 lives in this world where he has these things that make him happy. Zamyatin is trying to present the idea that any reader can think of themselves in this world. Any one person can follow something in life that they love and D 503 is one of those people.


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