Friday, July 21, 2006

Imaginaries in We

From reading We, written by Yevgeny Zamyatin, I noticed a lot of imaginaries, which deal with emotions. Such as “we love – only such a sterile, immaculate sky” and “On days likes this the whole world is cast of the same impregnable, eternal glass as the Green Wall, as all our buildings”, the main character, known as D-503 describes the weather outside, admiring the clear sky and the sun shining through the “glass” buildings. With the sun shining through, he can see “the bluest depth of things, their hitherto unknown, astonishing equations”. Imaginaries often times depict emotions. Therefore I think imaginaries would conflict with D-503 and his world, which seem “robotic” and “systematic” since they’re named after names and numbers (D-503, O-90); they are only known as a number or letter in their world, not names, which contain character and personality, especially when D-503 describes the beautiful spring weather and the blooming of flowers brings “sweet pollen [that] dries your lips, and every minute you pass your tongue through them”. He seems to be able to reach his inner emotions and be able to get them out in detail, which seems kind of feminine to me.


Blogger Jordan said...

haha! I just read your final comment on your blog, that "it seems kind of feminine" - and I just have to tell you that I could not agree more! The emotional appeal and imagery does seem excessive: it adds to the detailed message of the book, but almost seems to take away from the action of the story.

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