Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Imagery in We....

So far, I have really enjoyed We. Its alot different than The Republic and more entertaining in the least. I have always been a fan of science fiction and didn't even know this book existed. It's neat, futuristic, and very well written (considering the translation!) Anyways, the imagery used in We is outstanding and extremely vivid. Zamyatin beautifully describes each and every detail with such words that the actual senses he invokes seem to come alive. Even his use of confusing the normal senses, such as smelling colors exhibits his unique way of describing things. He uses a whole bunch of analogies and allusions as well. He compares writing a book to a whole cycle of pregnancy, very vivdly. Even squeamishly so. He lets colors stand alonet to elicit a description or emotional response. Zamyatin's own world that he created can definitly be viewed as a sort of utopia. At least, according to his terms. It sort of reminds me of Brave New World. I think its interesting how he chose to use a letter number sytem to 'name' his characters and so forth. Overall, I love his vivid use of imagery and entertaining plot.


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