Friday, July 21, 2006

Imagery in We

On page 11, the narrator says, "After a man's tail dropped off, it must have been quite difficult for him at first to learn to drive off flies without its aid. In the beginning he undoubtedly missed his tail. But now--can you imagine yourself with a tail? Or can you imagine yourself in the street naked, without a coat...I cannot imagine a city that is not clad in a Green Wall; I cannot imagine a life that is not regulated by the figures of our Table"(11). I think this excerpt from the text is interesting because it gives the reader a framework from which to read the rest of the novel. He basically is informing the reader, that the difference between his society and ours, is equivalent to the difference between our society and that of primitive times. This passage also undeniably reveals that the narrator, D-503, believes that their current way of living, and doing things, based on mathematics, is the most efficient and perfect way of doing things. I have a strong suspicion that this belief will be challenged later on in the novel.


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