Friday, July 21, 2006

Imagery in We

Zamyatin's ability to describe things is absolutely amazing! The first thing that I read that made me see his talent as a writer was in the first entry, he talks about his feelings toward his diary.
He talks about the excitement he has for the writing. He compares it to pregnancy saying that he will feed it and it will be completly his until the day that it will be taken from him. "And it will feed for many months on my sap, my blood, and then, in anguish, it will be ripped from my self and placed at the foot of the One State."
I chose this last section in entry one because this was the first time I really was impressed by Zamyatin's ability to write and paint a picture in my head of how exactly he feels. Here he showed his attachment to his writing, something that is truly his until the day that he will reluctantly give it away to someone who will read it and then they can make whatever of it that they want to and it is no longer in his possession, in his control.


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