Monday, July 31, 2006

Ideology of the 03s

From the first moments of meeting I and D any one can notice the difference between the two characters. They contrast one another and represent the extremes with of the One State. D is a believer and there is nothing more dangerous than that of a believer. But D is fractured, he starts to look out side of the bubble that he has created for himself and notices that the world he was always told to love may not be something he loves. With in the novel this is when he meets I 303. She is the complete opposite of D 503. She goes against the regulations of the One State. She knows that the system is flawed and chooses to live outside of the strict rules and manages not to be caught. She does not so much seduce D but holds out the apple. D believes in the purpose of the One State. He likes having the purpose of building the Integral. There is his love of math and the happiness of the overall society’s sense of belonging. I 303 on the other hand rebels against the natural way of life. There exists the question of I 303’s knowledge prior to her meeting D 503. After reading further into the story you can assume that she sort of stalked him. She had a purpose of getting to know him. I don’t really notice any similarities between the two. The reason the characters work so together is because they are the opposite. They could be said to represent the Apple and the Adam.


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