Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Zamyatin uses happiness as the center point for his utopian society because of two things. 1) Happiness is the mast basic desire that anyone asked about his or her own utopia is going to say. Every man, woman, and child wants to be happy. 2) Happiness gives Zamyatin a core emotion to tie all the characters too. Every character in We wants to be happy. With D 503 he already is happy and lives in this society that he wants to exist within. I 330 find the joy of using trickery. She enjoys the things that she gets away with. Happiness is a universal term that can tie all of every race and religion together regardless of the differences that may separate us. The use of other ethics from the One State does not help with the story. If Zamyatin wishes to he could have changed the desired emotion to something else but I believe that the novel meaning would be less effective that way. All emotions can be taken to different levels based upon the person. Over some out come two people are not going to share in the same level of an emotion as the other. Could Zamyatin have used another criterion: yes. Would the story have come out the same: no. The simple change of the criterion would have a different type of reader. The book, as is, is attractive to many of societies because of the idea of happiness in a place where ever person has a place. Not everyone can relate to hard work and excellence but everyone can relate to happiness.


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