Monday, July 31, 2006


I think Zamyatin chose happiness as the main goal for his citizens because it helped D-503 find some flaws with the society that he was content with. If Zamyatin were to choose the other examples of excellence and fufillment he probably would not have found anything wrong with the One State. The way that the One State is organized is in a way that excellence and total fufillment (that a citizen fufills his purpose to the One State) is met.
Zamyatin set up his book in a way that there would be something to pick apart. The One State seemed perfect and D-503 seemed happy with the society but he soon found out that he was not experiencing true happiness. Everyone has a different view on what is really happy and what can make them happy, and that makes it impossible to have a utopia because not everyone will be completely happy with their lives in the society.


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