Monday, July 31, 2006


I think that Zamyatin makes happiness the ideal goal for the one-state because, ultimately, that is the goal that the human race as a whole has been striving for, for quite some time. He is trying to portray that finding happiness is something unique to that person and that person's true desires, whatever it might be. It has nothing to do with being forced to conform to a government or compromising your emotion and creativity. So, even though he creates this world based on finding happiness in a lack of emotion, he is actually trying to say the opposite. If this novel were based on, say excellence or hard work, then the impact would be dramatically different. The point would be very easy to understand and the book would take on an impersonal overtone. The central difference between making happiness goal as opposed to making 'fullfillment/hard work' is that happiness is an emotion. Emotion is what we as humans can relate to. It instantly makes the story more appealing and gives it a 'heart'. Using hard work as a goal would only leave the reader emotionally unsatisfied and quick to get through the book.


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