Friday, July 21, 2006

Giving Birth

On page 2 of We, D-503 talks aboout being one of the mathematicians of the the One State. He is so proud of it that he compares it to a woman giving birth to a baby. He says that like a woman he will senses this new thing inside of him and it will take many months in order to noursih it with his body and then her talks about when we will have to tear it out of him.

It is odd but it makes sense that he decided to compare thinking of an idea to giving birth. The two are so different in the level of difficulty, but he explains it to where you can actually paint a picture of him in your mind trying to come up with this idea. Everybody has some picture of thought in thier mind about childbirth, so comparing this makes the reader see how difficult this may be for him. It is more than I'll think of something and just write down and not spontaneous at all. A lot of work and thought will go into this.

I picked this example becuase at first I just went over wondering why something about a baby was in this story. Then I went back and read and it made perfect sense. It really did give me the idea of how coming up with these ideas were going to be for him. I thought that it was a perfect example of imagery and that it was really east to understand what he was talking about.


Blogger Rosa said...

I picked the same description. I agree that this is a great piece of imagery.
It really shows us the importance of his writing and how much he values it early on in his entries. He compares it to his baby which is probably the most valued treasure anyone could ever have.

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