Monday, July 31, 2006

Everyone Should be Happy

Zamyatin made happiness the goal for the citizens for one reason, and that is to keep the One State going. If we think about the basis of the One State we realize that the only reason everyone fulfills their duty and go to work is because they are perfectly happy with what they are doing and in some cases ecstatic about their job. Not only do they not question the government but look to it for support for happiness. We all remember D-503 as he introduced us to his society. He spoke with such pride and admiration about the One State and how unfathomable it was to live any other way. From this we can see that most of the citizens felt the same way about the society. As a result each person contribute to the society and the society slowly progresses. My making happiness the main goal Zamyatin shows the reader that Happiness is a state of mind and can be taken away in a mere instant. On a broader since, all society make their goal to try to make the most amount of people happy. Although this is realistically impossible, being happy can and will contribute to productivity. This is clearly seen in the One State, people are happy therefore they show up to work. I think even if Zamyatin wanted to change the main theme to some other criterion the structure of the book will change. Excellence, hard work, fulfillment all lead down the road to happiness. We strive to be excellent at a particular task because we feel gratification from achieving it. As a result we fell “happy”, and continue what we are doing. It will be hard to isolate any individual criterion without it ultimately leading back to the main goal of happiness.


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