Wednesday, July 26, 2006

D-503's Preoccupations

From the beginning of the book, Zamyatin portrays D-503’s preoccupations with math, precision and accuracy, which seem to make sense, since he’s the architect/engineer of the spaceship Integral. But on the other hand, D-503 also shows emotions, through the many use of imaginaries in the beginning. As the book progresses, he shows his feelings towards I-330. Falling in love with I-330 somewhat changed him, making him more emotional and less rational than what he was. Also like when D-503 was trying to get rid of the square root of -1. Until he fell in love I-330, his attitude changed. He isn’t as mad anymore and starts to accept the X’s and squares roots in his life. I think the author tries to communicate to us that beyond mathematics, accuracy and correctness, which shows “order” there should be more to this world. Like human emotions and things that are beyond our control. That’s what makes us humans, not machines.


Blogger Lamar said...

I think that Zamyatin is not so much in favor of emotions and disorder, but rather that he is against any restrictions against those emotions or disorder. So basically, I think that Zamyatin is not trying to protect the actual emotions as much as he is trying to protect the freedom associated with having those emotions--the freedom to make choices in life.

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Blogger karebear1206 said...

I also felt that D-503's preoccupation with math highlighted the rational vs. irrational thoughts. But I don't think that after he falls in love with I-330 that he starts to completely accept other ideas beyond logic, or that he ceases to be mad. He still tried to reject his irrational emotions, diagnosing himself as sick and being unhappy with his developing soul. And after he falls in love, he is now able to feel anger. Other than that, I very much agree with your post.

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Blogger Danny said...

I think Zamyatin considers both freedom of choice and emotions as a virtue. In my opinion he sees them under the same light. Only through freedom of choice will be truly happy. If any society takes away our ability to choose our personal emotions take over.

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