Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bra burning togas?

It is actually quite interesting to see what is decided. In a time that I believe was not so much dominated by men. I don’t know if the women were treated so much on the same level as the men. From what I can recall the women did not receive the education so much. The men could afford it had private tutors. This I know because of the interesting facts that came along with the tutors. I know that a man who had a tutor, the tutor took a roll that taught more than just what we would call book smarts. A tutor would show his pupil how to act in public, etiquette, and the most interesting thing of all…sex. So when they suggest on page one hundred and eighteen “Let us further suppose the birth and education of our women to be subject to similar or nearly similar regulations…” I thought this to be odd. So it is interesting the thought they generate, a society where women are given the same chances as men. One that we have today and thought it to be revolutionary. This idea, of course, stems from a society that is dominated by man. On the other hand: a society cannot advance itself beyond that of a bone throwing, grunting, and stone gazing with out education. Education advances a society. With the rise of thought comes the development of a peaceful way of life. Fore war is a passion possessed by the uneducated and peace by the thoughtful. It is believed that an educated society would be one of peace. Therefore the only way to achieve this would be from the mental development of all. The ideas from The Republic, though old news to us, still shows that equality may be just like justice for those who believe justice to be inalienable.


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This isn't a scholarly site, but you can use it to get some background on what kinds of education were current in Greece.

Remember, Socrates was from Athens, not Sparta.

Ancient Greek Education

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Some pictures of the site of Plato's Academy (this second link is a pdf, so it will take longer to load; however, it seems like a good resource for you all to check out).

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