Monday, July 31, 2006

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Zamyatin makes happiness the goal of the one state for very important reasons. In the book, a society of "happiness" is one in which the people of the One State believe is perfection, order, and equality. As the book goes on however and I-330 is introduced and D-503's gradual feelings against the One Sate are shown it is apparent that the values of the One State are not intune with everyone's values who live in the One State. Zamyatin is trying to point out that you cannot fufill everyone's happiness with one set of rules, because each person is different and has a different view of what happiness means to them. By basing the One State on the idea of happiness, Zamyatin can easily portray how the goal of the one state isn't met. If Zamyatin were to focus the goal of the One State on something different such as hardwork, the audience would feel differently. In this situation even if people were unhappy, it would be easy to agree that the One State is hardworking state, and that the rules that are set up for society imply the goal of hardwork. Zamyatin uses happiness as the goal of the One State very strategically to get the reaction out of the audience that he wants to get.


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