Wednesday, July 26, 2006

blog #7 D-503's preoccupations

In this section's reading, I sensed chaos going through D-503's mind. I could see that the author, Zamyatin, uses D-503's preoccupations such as his thoughts on "math" and "illness" as a way to communicate that chaos. Ever since the incident with I-330, D-503 hasn't been the same. To me, it seems like he is going crazy. All of the feelings that he is experiencing is like a math problem with no solution. This is strange because in math, "there is only one truth and one true way" and that is the answer. There is an example in the text p.67 where Zamyatin explains this example. Because D-503 is a mathematician, Zamyatin uses math as a way to communicate to readers since we are reading this book in D-503's point of view. Also, D-503 is noticing how he is starting to think and wonder about things that he shouldn't be since the incident with the alcohol with I-330. He seems to be making excuses for it and saying and thinking he is "ill". He is using this "illness" to avoid letting the real problem show to others, and in my opinion, its a way of communication of how D-503 is dealing with this-freaking out.
I guess you can say that this communication is described as being rhetorical because we have to look what's beneath the surface. Zamyatin is using the concept of math to explain what is going on. You actually have to incorporate the meaning of it and translate to how it is relating to the situation in the book. For example the root of negative one, it appears to be an imaginary number, and this is kind of how he is starting to experience these abnormal dreams and thoughts. He is imagining something that can't be true.


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