Tuesday, July 25, 2006

blog #6 Zamyatin's goals

When I first started reading the book, my first impression was that it is quite interesting. I don't normally read science fiction novels, so this is something new and different for me. I found it kind of hard to follow trying to picture every thing in my head. I don't know if it's just me, but do the conversations in the text seem complete? It always leave me with "So, what happened". So, I am kind of lost with what the situation is because it isn't a clear thought. I also don't know if i fully get what's going on with I-330. I just know that D-503 acts really crazy and weird around her and that he really hates her. So, if anyone would like to explain or make it a little more clear for me, I would greatly appreciate it.
What I think the author, Zamyatin, is trying to accomplish in this book is for the audience to see that in a utopian world, not everything is perfect. I think the author wanted us to see what it's like in a perfect world where everyday is exactly the same. Everyone wakes up the same time, goes walking at the same time, and goes to bed at the same time. It seems like time is an important factor in the book because everything has to happen at a certain time. Also, it seems like you can't be late on anything that you do and have to always be on time. Things wouldn't be perfect if you were late, right? Also, I think the author must have a love for math because everything seems to be translated in math terms, ideas, and concepts. Zamyatin probably wants us to value math, and see how math does relate to everything and how we will always use it in our life. Just like what all math teachers tells us. =) Even though we haven't reached the end of the book yet, I believe that I-330 will break D-503 and make him realize that even in a supposedly perfect world, it isn't.


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I agree that Zamyatin is trying to show that no world can be perfect. I think Zamyatin finds it important for the audience to realize that the One State is trying to acheive perfection, yet they are no where near it, and that it can not be reached. I think Zamyatin is not only trying to make the readers think of how a utopian society may not work, but as well make the readers think of the different societies in the world,particularly the ones that they live in and contemplate if their society is what is best for people. This book is just a way of making people appreciate or analyze the type of world they live in.

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