Friday, July 21, 2006

blog #5 We's imagery

The imagery in this book is written very well. The beginning of the book in starting the second entry describing spring, the sky, and the integral was very visual. I can picture everything the author was describing. The use of vivid words and phrases like "The sweet pollen dries your lips, and every minute you pass your tongue over them" was realistic. I know that I do this, but sometimes when your lips are dry you always pass your tongue over your lips to wet them and give it moisture. So, I can see the description of the pollen drying up your lips. The idea of the pollens being blown by the wind, does happen as well in the Spring so, this was a good imagery of spring. Also, the words used to describe the sky..."Blue, unblemished by a single cloud" gives me the visual of a perfect sunny day. I really liked the section with the description of the Integral and how "the regulatory spheres rotating with closed eyes; the cranks flashing, swinging left and right; the balance beam proudly swaying its shoulders; the bit of the slotting machine dancing up and down in time to unheard music; I saw the whole beauty of this grandiose mechanical ballet, flooded with pale blue sunlight". This section was an interesting use of imagery. I picked this element to analyze because sometimes you don't notice things that aren't human, for example this building under construction, "dancing". Normally, the only things dancing are living things. The words "swaying" and "dancing" and "swinging" brings this section to life, kind of like personification.


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Besides the imagery bringing the passage to life, do you feel that the author has any ulterior motive for his imagery? For example, the "dancing" you refer to is also associated with unfreedom. Zamyatin claims that dancing is pleasing because it is "absolute, esthetic subordination." The imagery possibly ties to something deeper, maybe even the "unfreedom" discussed with the dancing. Just something to think about...

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