Friday, July 21, 2006

Blog # 4

Socrates has proven that he is a timeless soul, and is wiser beyond the years. He has just admitted and even stated over the fact that women should be as equal as men. It is unusual to hear of such a thing, especially back then…heck, even 100 years ago it would be considered a risqué notion. I admit I was a little surprised to read this, and my original opinion of Socrates has changed. He is attempting to make a valid argument for equality. Socrates is basically saying that, even though men are women are naturally different from each other, that they are also the same. Both are able to come up with each own’s point of political view, and both have the right to be educated at the same level. Just because they have different bodies does not mean that one mind should be less developed than the other. I think that this is, in some way, a question of utopia. It is an ideal world, where men and women walk along side by side in equality. This, of course, barely even exists today. We are getting up there with men, but there’s still a lot of things we ‘can’t’ do or aren’t expected to do. So, Socrates idea that there should be equality, though and excellent one, is utopian in nature.


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