Tuesday, July 11, 2006

blog #1 Impression of Socrates

From what I understood from this first section of the The Republic, my first impression of Socrates is that he seems to be an intelligent man. Socrates's ethos shows that he seems to have potential of a leader. It shows in the text that Glaucon and others apparently are followers of Socrates in finding what justice really is. Though Socrates's seems like an intelligent man, he also doesn't know the answers to many things, such as what justice is. That was his main goal, trying to dig deep into finding the meaning of what justice really means. He starts up a conversation with Cephalus about life's journeys and wealth. Throughout their conversation, they get into the talk of what would be justice or injustice if a friend lets you hold their weapons and ask for it back when they weren't thinking straight. Would it be right to give it back or not to give it back since the friend isn't at a good state of mind? Later, Polemarchus ends up continuing the conversation with Socrates's and they go through a series of examples questioning Simonides definition of justice. Polemarchus seems to be a believer of Simonides teachings that Socrates, a wise man himself, begins to question Polemarchus with strong rebuttal questions as a type of persuasion. The ethos of Socrates is connected to the pathos and logos of his audience, in this case is Polemarchus, because with his strong rebuttal series of questions towards Polemarchus, he got Polemarchus to question Simonides teachings of justice. The logos of each of Socrates's questions has Polemarchus's beliefs contradicted. This relates back to Socrates's ethos as a potential leader unintentially having Polemarchus and others see another side to what they believed.


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