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I think Zamyatin uses D-503's love for math very strategically in We. The entire world that D-503 lives in is based on math and logic, and Zamyatin I think uses D-503 to show what kind of logic someone must have to live in such a state and agree with the laws and how their society is set up. I also think that Zamyatin used a character such as D-503 because if someone so set on living his life in order, by logic, according to the State starts to have feelings outside the norm, then it is emphasizing that maybe the State is unnatural. D-503 at first is entirely behind the State, but as the book goes along his feelings and actions begin to change to be out of sync with the world he lives in. If Zamyatin would have created a character that did not have a love for math, and order who suddenly started having feelings such as D-503, there would not be as great of an impact on the reader because it would have been more expected that someone who is indifferent or not strongly attatched to the State and its rules would be intrigued by a different life. D-503's preoccupation with math causes him to struggle with his changing feelings more than a person who perhaps has always felt different or who has doubted society before.


Blogger Matt Giani said...

I really like your point about the author's selection to have D as the main character. What you said about having a character which so heavily relies on pure logic and rationality, who then is unable to logically and rationally deal with their situations, is much more influential. If say, O had come to the same series of "epiphanies" (sp?) the impact wouldn't have been as severe because she was already so emotional.

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Blogger karebear1206 said...

I agree that the characteristic of D-503's math affinity has a stronger impact on the whole feel of viewing another side of his world he lives in. If a less logical/more emotional character was in D-503's place, the readers would not be able to have the same feelings of contradictions. In having a character initially prone to unemotional feelings makes the book able to emphasize emotions. D-503's intense inner turmoil is a pretty emotional thing.

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