Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I don't have any specific questions and I think that this is a book which will provide answers to things about the plot that I am confused about as I go along, and I also believe that when I go back and re-read for the paper prompts a lot more will become clear to me. This book reminds me very much of the book "The Giver", which is a book about a society such as this with no feelings, all conformity, and there is one person who has all the feelings and knowledge of what the world used to be like. I think that both of these authors are trying to make the audience appreciate our lives and think about what it would be like to live in a society where people have less freedom than we do. I will most likely never be like this book in the future, but just to contemplate what it would be like without freedom can make a person relate to maybe other countries where the government is much more strict with their laws on freedom. I also think that Zamyatin is trying to enrich the audiences thoughts with his lengthy descriptions of everything in the book, which I think will make the audience appreciate even more the feelings and freedom we have in our lives. I think this book is very interesting and I think that Zamyatin is a very smart man.


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