Monday, July 24, 2006


When you begin to read the book, you immediately understand that imagery is going to be an important part of the way you understand and what you get out of the book. It is somewhat confusing, but if you read carefully it is really interesting how Zamyatin makes analogies in this book. This quote jumped out to me..

"Dear O!' I always seems to me that she looks exactly like her name: about ten centimeters shorter than the Maternal Norm, and therefore carved in the roud, all of her, with that pink O, her mouth, open to meet every word I say. And also, that round, plump fold in her wrist, like a baby's." (4).

I believe that it is normal for most authors to personify objects, but I have never seen a person described in this manner. The phrase "ten centimeters shorter than the Maternal Norm" is a way of describing someone height that I thought was really interesting because I would never think to ever describe anyone in that way. I also think that phrases like "maternal norm" show that these people are different and kind of give you the futuristic kind of feel for the book. I also thought this quote was interesting because I think that Zamyatin is trying to be somewhat funny in comparing this woman to an "o", suggesting that she is maybe overweight. It is a really clever way to do so and once again I would never think to describe a person as Zamyatin did. Analyzing quotes such as these makes me more interested in the book and makes me feel as if I can learn a lot from Zamyatin.


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